Will Violet be adding any other integrations? 

Violet are planning to add more integrations but can't confirm what they be yet or when they will be implemented. If there is an integration you would really like to see, then please raise a feature request as an Idea in Forums where others can vote on it.

Does Violet integrate with _________?

Currently Violet only integrates with Hue and Sonos.

Is there a Violet API?

Currently Violet has not published an API.

When are Violet shipping pre-orders?

Violet have already dispatched the first UK pre-orders. We aim to dispatch all UK pre-orders before the 21st of June (the start of Summer) at present. European pre-orders are expected to be dispatched in the summer.

If Violet are already shipping then why is SmartSwitch Lite still shown as a pre-order?

Violet are staggering our shipments and so, although we do have the first (limited) batch ready to ship, orders will still not be dispatched immediately. 

Do Violet offer trade accounts?

We have not announced any reseller program yet but to register your interest in being a trade partner, please email: dealer [at] violet-ultra.co.uk 


Can Violet's SmartSwitch Lite control normal (non-smart) bulbs?

No. At the moment Violet's SmartSwitch Lite can only control lights via a Hue Bridge. You will need to upgrade your lights to work with a Hue Bridge. This can be done by either replacing the bulbs with Hue compatible smart bulbs (they don't necessarily have to be made by Phillips Hue but there are advantages for them being so); or if budget is tighter, you could introduce a Zigbee dimmer or relay to control traditional bulbs. As soon as the circuit/bulbs are available within Hue, they will be controllable from SmartSwitch.